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4 Warning Signs of a Bad Tenant for Palm Desert Property Owners

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Good tenants can be challenging to find, and property owners must take the time to screen potential candidates. The right approach to reviewing prospective tenants should include checking credit records, criminal history, and eviction notices on file with the court system before agreeing to rent them a property.

A bad tenant will exhibit specific signs that can help a property owner spot them before allowing them to move in. The best property management company Palm Desert offers suggests that a tenant screening process should include safeguards to identify these four warning signs of bad tenants to avoid making a costly mistake.

What Are Four Warning Signs of a Bad Renter?

If you’ve ever wondered, “what does a property manager do,” they can often help real estate investors avoid bad renters! A property management company can assist with the screening process and recognize the following signs that an applicant could be a bad choice for your rental property. 

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1. They Don't Want to Fill Out a Rental Application

There could be many reasons why a lousy tenant wouldn’t want to fill out a rental application. For example, they may have a poor credit history or a criminal record that they don’t want landlords to see. They may also have been evicted from a previous rental property, and they don’t want property owners to find out. To conduct a property tenant screening, avoid accepting anyone that doesn’t submit an application. 

2. They Want to Negotiate Everything

A bad renter may want to negotiate aspects of living in your rental property that aren’t negotiable. For example, they might ask for a lower monthly rental payment or request to reduce the security deposit before signing the lease. When an applicant isn’t willing to go by the rules before moving in, this can be a red flag. 

3. They Don't Pay Rent On Time

If your tenant screening process reveals a history of late rental payments (or defaults), the prospective tenant probably isn’t a good idea for your rental property. If you’re not sure how to evaluate rental history, work with a company that provides professional property management services and a thorough tenant screening process. A bad renter that doesn’t pay rent on time leads to rental income loss for a property owner. 

4. They Have a Low Credit Score

Part of being a good renter is being financially responsible. While there can be several reasons for a low credit score, in general, bad credit can be a sign of a potentially bad tenant. When reviewing credit history, pay attention to a low score, bankruptcies, defaults, and other signs that a potential tenant won’t be able to keep up with rental payments during the lease term. 

What Does a Bad Renter Really Cost?

What happens if a property owner ignores the four signs above? A bad renter can create significant costs for real estate investors. While it may be challenging to find the right tenant, taking time to screen and place quality residents is better for your bottom line. 

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Bad Tenants Don't Take Care of the Property

A bad renter may not take care of the property, creating a costly problem for the owner. According to your lease agreement, renters must keep a property clean, avoid causing damage, and report maintenance issues right away. When a resident doesn’t follow these rules, a property owner can face expensive repairs and lengthy repair times that delay a new tenant’s move-in date and important rental income.

Terrible Residents Disturb Neighbors and Other Tenants

Your property can become unpopular and difficult to keep occupied when a bad renter gives you a bad reputation as a landlord. When renters party late into the night, play loud music, or fight with neighbors or other tenants in the building, you and your rental home become a nuisance for the neighborhood. It’s essential to choose renters who interact well with their neighbors and follow the rules to prevent occupancy challenges down the road. 

Bad Renters Stop Communicating and Refuse Entry

Dealing with a bad renter becomes more challenging when they stop responding to communications, notices, or reminders. Troublesome tenants can also try to refuse entry into the property, despite giving them plenty of warning with a written notice. This could result from the property owner finding out that the tenant was not paying rent or that damages needed to be repaired. Property owners need excellent communication with renters to avoid finding unexpected problems in the property or going months without payment from a tenant. 

Avoid Bad Tenants With a Palm Desert Property Management Company

The best way to spot the warning signs of a bad tenant (and avoid them) is to work with a Palm Desert property management company. The best property managers can easily identify the characteristics of a prospective tenant that could be a mistake for your rental properties. 

McLean Company offers professional property management services to help investors experience quality tenants and better returns! If you’re struggling to find better residents, let’s talk soon about how we can help! 

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