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How to Avoid 3 Common DIY Palm Springs Landlord Mistakes

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If you plan to get into the investment property industry or you already own a few properties for rent in Palm Springs, avoiding mistakes is a critical part of maximizing your returns! Mistakes associated with real estate investment properties can be pretty unforgiving (and costly), but you don’t have to figure out what pitfalls to avoid on your own!

We’re here to help! We’ve seen a lot of mistakes (and applied a lot of solutions) as full-service property managers. Check out these expert Palm Springs CA property management insights to watch out for common residential property owner mistakes (and learn what to do if you make one)!

Writing note showing Common Mistakes Motivational Call

Costly Mistake #1: Failing to Apply Tenant Screening

Have you ever been in a hurry to find a tenant and skipped the screening process? While we hope they turned out to be a good renter, property owners risk making a significant mistake when not applying a thorough tenant review process to every applicant. 

Why Screening Matters

When investors screen or fail to do it properly, they put their Palm Springs rentals and income at risk. A problematic tenant can be a nightmare to deal with, resulting in financial losses and lawsuits.

The ideal tenant screening process should include a thorough background check, employment and income verification, credit history, and prior rental history. Get written permission from a potential renter before conducting a background review and make sure to follow FCRA (Federal Credit Reporting Act) guidelines when handling sensitive data. 

With a thorough screening process, landlords can choose quality tenants and avoid the mistake of allowing bad residents to move into a property! 

Costly Mistake #2: Not Knowing The Ideal Rent Price

Property ownership in Coachella Valley comes with plenty of details to keep track of, including setting the right amount for rent. Since you aren’t in the business of giving away free rent, it’s critical to find the rental amount that helps you make the returns you need for a profitable rental.

Don't Guess. Analyze Palm Springs CA Rent Amounts!

Guessing at the ideal monthly rent amount is a good way to set yourself for income loss. Marketing your properties to find quality renters includes a competitive rent price! Setting the rate too high keeps residents from wanting to pay such a high price to live in your home. A monthly rent amount that’s too low takes money out of your pocket every month. 

To reduce vacancies and generate the income you need, expert residential property management can deliver rental market analysis to determine the best monthly rent amount for a property! Finding the right number must factor in nearby rental rates, similar properties, and your estimated expenses, to come up with the rent that maximizes your bottom line. Marketing your rental with the ideal rent amount helps you find better residents!

Costly Mistake #3: Underestimating Expenses

Not all the money you get from your investment property counts as profit. Palm Springs property managers will tell you that owning and operating investment properties comes with plenty of ongoing expenses. Your monthly rent checks must cover every expense before you’ll add any profit to your bottom line.

Use Palm Springs Property Management Experts to Budget for Expenses

Using expert property management services is one of the best ways to minimize costs while maximizing returns. DIY landlords often overlook critical costs which can skew their perception of the income they think they’ll generate from a property. 

The right Coachella Valley property management experts understand common coasts associated with successful investment properties. They can help you budget monthly and annual expenses, then use market analysis to find the best monthly rent amount to ensure that investors can pay the bills with cash leftover!

From Maintenance Costs to the Mortgage, Don't Skip Any Costs

From estimated maintenance costs to your mortgage payment, make sure you don’t leave anything out! If you planned to make a million dollars from your investments this year (but you forgot to factor in the costs of a new roof for one property and refinishing the pool on another), you’ll be disappointed by your returns this year. 

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A Property Manager Helps Landlords Avoid Mistakes!

Palm Springs CA property management companies help investors avoid costly mistakes and maximize returns! If you’re struggling with income loss, rent collection, bad tenants, or surprise expenses, it’s time for expert property management services that can increase revenue, minimize costs, and help you reach your long-term goals. 

McLean Company delivers full service management for investors local to the area or who choose this area in California for real estate investments! Our experience and expert management cover any rental property need while minimizing risk and maximizing revenue for investors. If you keep making the same mistakes over and over again (or you make new ones every month), it’s time to let the experts help! Reach out and let’s talk about avoiding more mistakes for your investments in the future. 

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