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How Palm Springs Property Management Delivers Key Marketing Benefits

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Empty rentals mean lost rental income! However, finding quality tenants can be challenging without the right approach to marketing rental properties. Making your properties stand out requires an expert combination of compelling listings, highly-trafficked listing sites, and competitive pricing for your rentals.

Engaging a leading Palm Springs property management company can make all the difference to find quality renters and minimize vacancy times. Here’s what investors need to know about how a property manager delivers key marketing benefits to maximize your income.

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Property Managers Do More Than Collect the Rent

You probably know that a property manager handles a variety of rental property tasks, including collecting the rent and maintaining your rentals. However, if a property manager in Palm Springs can’t effectively market your properties to minimize days without rental income, they aren’t doing everything you need from a professional manager. 

We Create Professional Listings, Photos, and Videos

Putting up a quick listing with only a few photos and details won’t help your vacant rental stand out from other available rentals in the area. Crafting compelling listings that stop potential renters from scrolling by requires time and experience to get them just right!

Palm Springs property management company boosts the chances of attracting quality tenants with professional listings. Whether it’s the copy that describes a house, high-quality photos, videos, or virtual tours, listings must catch the attention of the right tenants—or they’ll scroll by and find a new home in a competitor’s rental.

Property listings that generate the interest your property needs should include:

  • Professional photos that capture your property’s best features
  • Compelling text that includes critical details potential renters need to evaluate a property
  • The monthly rent amount, security deposit amount, and applicable fees
  • The story of your property and information about nearby amenities, including restaurants, retail, and schools

The right property manager also includes clear instructions for potential renters to fill out an application and schedule a showing. Property listings are your next renter’s first glimpse into their future home! The best property manager in Palm Springs knows how to use listings to deliver an excellent first impression for your rentals. 

Scale Delivers Better Pricing (and Reach)

On your own, placing listings on search sites and getting access to some of the best rental search websites can be challenging (and expensive). Choosing one of the best property managers in the area means you’re working with established professionals that manage multiple properties for multiple investors. This means you benefit from better access (and pricing) to list vacant properties on more sites to gain a broader reach!

Your property manager also lists your properties on their own website and uses social media to get the word out about your property. With the size and scale of their marketing operations, rentals spend less time on the market, and investors enjoy more income from shorter vacancy times. 

Screened Tenants Ready to Rent

High-quality tenants rent on time, keep a house in good condition, and often renew their lease for another term. A Palm Springs property management company expedites the leasing process with a database of pre-screened tenants ready to rent a new home. 

We continuously screen rental applicants for the properties under our management. Just because a renter isn’t the ideal fit for one property doesn’t mean they aren’t a good fit for yours! Our database of approved potential tenants means they’ve all passed our thorough screening and background review process. They’re just waiting for the right home to match their needs and budget. With tenants “ready to rent,” the right property manager wastes no time finding the ideal match for tenants and vacancies. 

However, if we don’t already have the right renter in our database for your property, our expert listings gather plenty of new applications to go through the screening process for your rental. The best property managers follow all Fair Housing laws to keep your property on the right side of the law.

Reduced Vacancy Cycles

With the combination of these expert strategies, property owners enjoyed reduced vacancy cycles and shorter vacancy times. Property management companies have a database of renters looking for property in their area. When your properties experience less time without a rental and more renewed leases, you enjoy more income and better ROIs to boost your long-term wealth!

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Getting Marketing Right With a Palm Springs Property Management Company

Getting a renter to look at your property and choose it over others means finding ways to get their attention while they scroll through online listings. Hiring a Palm Springs property management company can help you get a leg up on the competition with expert marketing strategies that help your properties stand out and attract quality tenants. 

McLean Company understands the local market and applies the best strategies to create compelling listings and generate interest in your rentals. We help minimize vacancy times with competitive pricing for listings that reach a broad audience. Then we apply a thorough screening process to place the best-quality tenants in your rentals. If it’s time to find new renters, we’re here to help!

If you’re ready to choose the right property management company to get marketing right and enjoy the best Palm Springs tenants, download our free guide today!

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