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How to Write an Effective Listing for Vacant Palm Springs Rentals

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Dealing with lengthy vacancy times can quickly affect your bottom line without rental income coming in. A well-written listing for vacant Palm Springs rentals can make all the difference to a potential tenant. Quality tenants are more likely to contact you if your property listing includes an accurate description, good photos, and competitive rates. Here are some Palm Springs property management tips to help you write an effective listing to find quality tenants for rentals!

The Losses Add Up

From bad tenants to days, weeks, or sometimes months without anyone paying the rent, the losses from an empty Palm Springs rental property add up. However, while you might have a competitive property with amenities local renters want in a home, your listing could be keeping you from finding good tenants faster!

How can you tell if your listing is helping (or hurting) your search for the right residents? Make sure it includes these critical features recommended by residential property management experts!

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List Specific Features

What are some of the best features in your Palm Springs rental property? What are some of the things that can attract quality tenants? Talk about them in your listing! 

If the house has a pool, painting it as an amenity in the listing helps potential renters see exactly what they’re getting. However, if there’s no mention of appliances or other amenities included with the rent, tenants might assume they’ll need to bring their own washer and dryer. 

Property owners must think about their rentals and the features that renters look for when choosing a new home, then be sure those amenities are prominently noted as some of the best “selling” points for your property. 

Photos Matter

Along with accurate descriptions of how many bedrooms and bathrooms are available at each rental property, photos should be high-quality showings of every area inside and outside. Future residents should see an accurate photographic representation of the space waiting for them when they arrive for a showing. 

If your current listing only includes a few snaps taken with your phone, it’s time to invest in better photos. Property management companies know that high-quality photos are the best way to stop a prospective tenant from scrolling by your listing to read about your property. When photos “wow” a potential renter, they’re more likely to put in an application and schedule a showing. 

Include Detailed Rental Property Descriptions

In addition to the property’s best features and eye-catching photos, your listing should include detailed descriptions of the home—including any significant renovations or updates made within the past year. Renters love the idea of moving into a freshly updated home with new appliances, flooring, and other in-demand features. 

Your listing probably already includes information about the square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. A property manager recommends going a few steps further to give potential tenants a detailed understanding of everything that awaits them in your property!

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Don't Forget the Neighborhood

Renters look for more than the right home. They also want a good neighborhood with plenty of resources and nearby shopping, restaurants, and recreation. Include information about the neighborhood in your listing to give renters an accurate idea of what life would be like at your Palm Springs rental.

From good schools and nearby public transportation options to parks or other entertainment venues, make sure you cover all the bases when describing the surrounding area for potential tenants! 

Give Details About the Rent

Impressing renters with a quality home with everything they need to feel safe and comfortable in your property is important—but potential tenants also need to know how much they’ll pay to live there. 

When you’ve determined “how much can I rent my house for,” be sure to put it in the rental listing. A property management company can help you find the ideal rental rate for your property. Setting the right rent amount keeps your rentals competitive in the Palm Springs, CA area while attracting excellent tenants and maximizing your returns! 

Hire a Residential Property Management Company

If you’re overwhelmed by the details and strategies that go into an effective rental listing, let a property management team help! The right property managers have the experience you need to capture your rental’s best features and attract quality renters faster. 

A Palm Springs Property Management Company Creates Effective Listings!

If your property has been on the market for months and no one has contacted you yet, it’s time to look at how current and potential tenants view your listing. Do they feel like there isn’t enough information? Is everything that makes this home great buried within a few short paragraphs of the description? Property management experts know that underestimating the power of a property listing can leave landlords without good tenants and critical rental income! 

McLean Company understands the local market and what renters need to see in a listing to encourage more interest in your properties. If you’re a property owner in the Palm Springs area, reach out to learn more about how our property management services can reduce vacancies and boost your bottom line!

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