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Palm Springs Rental Property Inspections: A Guide for Investors

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The real estate investment industry in Palm Springs is a competitive one, and property owners must know what to look for when inspecting rental properties. If you haven’t conducted routine inspections, you could be leaving your rentals vulnerable to serious maintenance issues and unexpected, costly repairs! 

This blog post will help you understand what types of inspections you need to make part of your annual maintenance plan and what each property review should include. Whether you’re looking for Palm Springs property management help or simply trying to keep up with maintenance requests, we’ve got all of the details covered here!

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Move-In Inspections Are Top Priority

If you prioritize only one rental home inspection, make sure you conduct an initial property walk-through before a tenant moves in with every new lease agreement. This should be documented and signed by both parties, so it’s crucial that everyone knows what condition the property is in before move-in day!

The purpose of this first review is not only to ensure that your Palm Springs rental home or apartment meets required codes but also to create an inventory list of the like-new condition of the home before new residents move in. Use a checklist to document the condition of everything inside the property and the home’s exterior, yard, landscape, driveway, fence, and garage. 

This inspection report gives you and your tenants a baseline of the property’s condition at the start of a new lease. It also sets the expectations of how tenants should care for your rental. File the completed inspection report with your tenant’s and the property’s documents for reference later. 

Conduct Thorough Move-Out Inspections

When tenants move out, it’s time to conduct a thorough inspection of your Palm Springs area property and do another inventory. If you’re using an inspector or property manager for these reviews, make sure they have a copy of the Move-In inspection report for comparison. 

These inspections are critical because repairs may be needed that the tenant didn’t identify during the lease term. For example, perhaps there was some damage done to door frames from pets living inside (which is not allowed under most leases). Documenting this damage helps real estate investors assess repair needs and costs, then apply the security deposit toward tenant-caused damage. 

However, Palm Springs property owners must understand the difference between “damage” and wear-and-tear to process the security deposit legally. Normal wear and tear is damage due to regular tenant usage of your property and can’t be attributed to intentional or excessive damage. This type of wear includes worn carpet, wall scuffs, loose door handles, or grimy bathtub grout. 

While it’s important to clean or repair these aspects of your rental property during the make-ready, these issues don’t qualify as damage. Rental property owners can’t withhold the security deposit for normal wear-and-tear issues. 

Male technician with clipboard examining broken refrigerator in kitchen

Don't Forget Mid-Lease Inspections

Our property management experts want to highlight that a 12-month lease term is a long stretch of time not to look at your rental property’s condition. Even when you inspect at move-in and move-out, the condition of your residential property can deteriorate significantly between those inspections. 

Successful Palm Springs, CA investors know that a mid-lease inspection helps monitor tenant behavior and holds them accountable for caring for the home according to the lease terms. It’s also an excellent way to spot potential maintenance issues that your tenant hasn’t reported and check preventive maintenance needs. 

Mid-lease inspections should start about three months after a new lease begins. Property managers recommend conducting these inspections every six months after that, especially when a renter renews the lease or has a multi-year lease term. Be sure the lease agreement documents when these inspections will occur. 

Follow Landlord-Tenant Laws for Entry

Before any inspection takes place, landlords must follow the law regarding your tenant’s right to privacy and your rights to entry. Our property management team recommends scheduling inspections to work with your resident’s schedule and make sure you give plenty of notice before arriving for an inspection. In most cases, 24-48 hours’ notice complies with the law. Showing up unannounced or entering the property without giving notice can lead to a lawsuit from your renters!

Palm Springs Property Management Companies Keep Up With Inspections!

Palm Springs, CA landlords should plan for routine inspections of their rental property. These are important to conduct before move-in, during the lease term, and after a tenant moves out. Having a professional property management company like McLean Company handle all your inspections will save you time, money, and hassle! 

If keeping up with inspections is proving to be a challenge for the successful operation of your Palm Springs rental properties, let us help! Our team prioritizes the excellent care of your rentals. The McLean Company inspection process helps us enforce the rules with tenants, stay ahead of costly repairs, and conduct essential preventive maintenance to boost property values and reduce your upkeep costs. Let’s talk about how we can help with our property management services!

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