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Why Every Palm Springs Landlord Needs a Standard Make-Ready Process

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Successful real estate investors know that renting a property to new tenants is not always an easy task. The process of getting rentals ready for new tenants can be time-consuming and expensive if you don’t have a standard make-ready process in place. 

Today, our Palm Springs property management experts go over what an established make-ready process should include, as well as the benefits of having one! If you’ve never used a make-ready checklist before, or you’re looking for ways to improve your process, keep reading!

What is the Make-Ready Process?

New renters want to move into a clean and well-maintained home in Palm Springs. However, depending on how your last tenants left the rental property, it probably needs a thorough cleaning and repairs before it’s safe and ready for new residents. 

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Property management experts know that conducting a make-ready process during tenant turnover is the answer to welcoming new renters into their new homes. A standard make-ready prepares a rental unit in between renters. It includes cleaning the property, checking for any signs of damage, performing routine maintenance, changing light bulbs, painting, and more.

When completing a thorough make-ready, everything works inside and outside of the property. Renters won’t have to worry about finding dirty toilets or broken light fixtures on move-in day. 

Why Is a Standard Process Important?

Since no two Palm Springs, CA rental properties are the same, your make-ready process should be different for every home, right? While it’s true that every rental is different, property management company knows that treating each unit as an individual task without a well-thought-out plan can be time-consuming and expensive. Without a standard process, landlords risk mistakes and missing critical cleaning and repairs that can leave new tenants with a bad first impression. 

Not Having a Plan Can Be Costly

For every day that your rental sits empty, property managers know you lose valuable rental income. When the make-ready process takes longer than it should, your new renters can’t move in or pay the rent!

Having a standard plan to conduct every make-ready streamlines the process to reduce the time you deal with a vacant rental. A plan also helps everyone involved with turning properties know what to do and when to do it. 

When Palm Springs, CA landlords don’t follow a checklist, property management experts can tell you to expect problems like:

  • Missed repairs
  • Areas of a rental home that don’t get cleaned
  • Not having supplies or equipment on hand to complete cleaning and repairs
  • Delays when trying to schedule contractors to conduct work
  • Turnovers that take weeks (instead of days)
  • Unhappy tenants on move-in day
  • Dealing with maintenance requests immediately after a new resident moves in

If you frequently receive complaints or requests to fix things in your rental within the days or weeks after a new renter moves into a property, your make-ready process isn’t thorough enough. A solid process means renters shouldn’t find anything needing fixing while getting settled into their new home. 

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What Should Rental Property Owners Include in a Make-Ready Process?

Developing a solid checklist that applies to every property every time a tenant moves out is critical for success! If you aren’t sure what to include on your checklist, start with these tasks, including:

  • Cleaning every surface with solutions that sanitize and remove odors (including window blinds)
  • Deep-cleaning carpets (including shampooing or replacing if stains stick around)
  • Painting throughout the interior of the home
  • Exterior painting or cleaning siding or brick
  • Checking every appliance to make sure they’re clean and working
  • Flipping every lightswitch and checking all electrical outlets
  • Repairing anything that shows signs of wear-and-tear or damage
  • Looking for and repairing window cracks
  • Changing locks, replacing light bulbs, and checking smoke alarms 

Working with a property management expert can help you schedule these tasks in an order that helps minimize downtime while your make-ready takes place. As soon as you know that a tenant won’t renew, contact contractors and check the paint and other supplies to make sure you have everything (and everyone) ready to go immediately after move-out day for your current renters. 

Be Prepared

Being prepared for every make-ready with a plan to execute them well helps real estate investors minimize income loss between tenants. While the tasks we mentioned above are a good start, Palm Springs owners should add more tasks that pertain to your rentals as needed. Make sure you don’t overlook anything that could leave new renters with dirty or unsanitary conditions or broken appliances. 

Palm Springs Property Management Handles the Make-Ready Process

A thorough make-ready process can be the difference between a landlord seeing income loss for an empty property and having renters move in within days. McLean Company handles the whole process with professional property management services for Palm Springs real estate investors! If you’re struggling to pull together a solid plan with the right contractors and resources, we already have everything you need to reduce turnover times and deliver quality rental homes to residents on move-in day. Reach out, and let’s talk about how we can help!

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