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4 Reasons Why Landlords Need Professional Maintenance Staff for Palm Springs Rentals

Plumber repairing an hot-water heater

If you are a Palm Springs area property owner, you may be wondering how to keep the rental in excellent condition. The answer is professional maintenance staff! Property owners often think they can handle maintenance themselves, but sometimes that can lead to significant maintenance issues and costly problemseven if you think you’re saving money. 

Why is professional maintenance better? Check out these four reasons from our expert Palm Springs property management team.

Man Examining and Repairing Leaking House Roof

1. Maintenance is Their Job

You probably have a full-time job. Unless it’s home repair or construction, your career experience might not leave you fully prepared to handle any and every maintenance issue that comes up with your Palm Springs rental property. 

We’d guess that whatever your career is, you’re really good at it. You’ve studied, trained, and built up experience over time in various career-related roles. The same is true of a professional property management and maintenance staff! Their job is maintenance. Keeping rental properties in excellent condition is what they’re trained to do—day in and day out. 

With a Palm Springs property management team, you get expert maintenance tech’s to: 

  • Catch problems before they become costly issues
  • Handle a wide range of issues with experience and training
  • Perform quality repairs the first time (and quickly)
  • Routinely inspect your rentals

Real estate investors can focus on what they do best while a property manager keeps their properties in excellent condition! 

2. You're Not On Call

You might not realize how much you need a full night of sleep every night until you no longer have to answer those 3 a.m. emergency maintenance calls from tenants.  

Not only are we always available, but a Palm Springs area maintenance team is also equipped with professional techs and the latest equipment. They can handle a wide range of emergency maintenance requests—from plumbing leaks to appliance malfunctions—quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about them at night when you should be sleeping soundly in your bed. 

With professional maintenance and property management staff, Palm Springs real estate investors can rest easy at night and awake ready to take on the day knowing that their rental properties are in excellent hands—no matter what happens (or when). 

3. They Have Extensive Palm Springs Resources

It’s true that an on-staff maintenance technician might not be able to handle a severe plumbing issue or an HVAC problem. However, for tasks requiring specialists and certifications, your property management company has a network of resources to get the job done correctly. 

Plumber repairing an hot-water heater

A professional maintenance team knows what they can handle in-house vs. when they need to schedule a repair with their vetted network of quality contractors in Palm Springs, CA. While your technician might not carry out a repair on their own, they are the best resource to analyze a situation and get the resources your property needs in place—fast. 

The right property management services ensure that everyone who works in a rental home has gone through a screening process and is safe to be in rental properties and around residents, if necessary. The best Palm Springs property manager never puts your properties or tenants at risk with an untrustworthy or poor-quality repair person.

4. You Save Money

It’s common to think that paying for professional maintenance services is more expensive than handling repairs on your own. However, in most cases, that isn’t true. 

Professional maintenance experts identify and fix problems the first time, without repeated trips to the hardware store, costly mistakes, or long hours spent on a repair that could have been finished in a shorter amount of time. Plus, your property management company manages multiple properties throughout the Palm Springs, Ca area. Since they deliver high volumes of maintenance and repair work to their network of contractors, rental property owners benefit from lower pricing due to the economies of scale.

As a lone landlord dealing with multiple estimates and contractor negotiations, even when going with the best bid on a repair job, you’re probably paying more for it than you would with a professional maintenance team handling everything. 

Experienced property managers also know how much repair or routine maintenance tasks should cost. They work with contractors to make sure property owners are never taken advantage of when pricing and scheduling work to be done at a rental. 

From convenience to experience, quality care, and better pricing, choosing a property management team with professional maintenance staff is the best way to keep real estate investments in excellent condition while keeping tenants happy!

Benefit from Palm Springs Property Management and Maintenance!

As a property owner, it may be tempting to try and tackle all those maintenance tasks on your own. However, as we’ve seen in this blog post, there are many benefits when hiring professional help with these types of jobs. With professional maintenance and Palm Springs property management services, you can save time by outsourcing the work! Plus, you’ll always have someone always on call for emergencies if something happens at one of your properties while you’re not around. 

McLean Company delivers full-service property management and maintenance services and the resources you need to take care of any repair or routine maintenance task you need while maximizing your budget. If we can help you get better rest every night, reach out today, and let’s talk about our maintenance services!

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