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How Palm Springs Landlords Should Deal With Professional Tenants

For a property owner in Palm Springs, California, dealing with a professional tenant can be one of the biggest challenges. Allowing these residents into your residential property can result in a waste of both time and money while creating ongoing headaches.  What do real estate investors need to know about these difficult renters? Our Palm Springs property management team has provided helpful information on how landlords can identify and stay clear of professional tenants. We also deliver some insights into what to do if you’ve made a mistake and currently have one of these terrible residents in your property! Who is a Professional Tenant? Professional tenants, also known as serial squatters, are renters that know how to exploit loopholes in rental laws and lease agreements to take advantage of rental property owners. For example, a professional tenant can create maintenance issues and use them to dodge your efforts to collect rent. They also know how to extend the duration needed

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How to Avoid 3 Common DIY Palm Springs Landlord Mistakes

If you plan to get into the investment property industry or you already own a few properties for rent in Palm Springs, avoiding mistakes is a critical part of maximizing your returns! Mistakes associated with real estate investment properties can be pretty unforgiving (and costly), but you don’t have to figure out what pitfalls to avoid on your own! We’re here to help! We’ve seen a lot of mistakes (and applied a lot of solutions) as full-service property managers. Check out these expert Palm Springs CA property management insights to watch out for common residential property owner mistakes (and learn what to do if you make one)! Costly Mistake #1: Failing to Apply Tenant Screening Have you ever been in a hurry to find a tenant and skipped the screening process? While we hope they turned out to be a good renter, property owners risk making a significant mistake when not applying a thorough tenant

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How to Build a Profitable Portfolio: Palm Springs Property Management

We often work with investors who enjoy the income from one Palm Springs rental property so much that they want to generate more income with more rentals! However, without the right strategies and support, replicating success across multiple properties can be challenging.  The process of acquiring new investment properties requires thorough research to ensure that you are getting a property with excellent potential. After buying new rentals, investors must manage them to success! For property owners, this can require extensive amounts of time to make sure every property (and tenant) receives the attention they need.  Building a real estate investment portfolio is easier (and more profitable) with a Palm Springs property management company! Here’s why. They Know How to Select Properties that Perform Well The success of your portfolio starts by finding excellent properties. If you’re not familiar with what to look for in a good property or where to find the best investments in Palm Springs, it’s

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Dealing with Difficult Tenants: Palm Springs Property Management Tips

Owning investment properties in Palm Springs means plenty of challenges for property investors—and tenants can often be the biggest challenges of them all.  Although every property owner may create a rigorous screening process for all potential tenants, bad tenants can still be an issue from time to time. In some cases, good renters turn into challenging residents during the lease term. How can investors deal with difficult tenants? Try these tips from our expert Palm Springs property management team! What Are Difficult Tenants? Your screening process may help you recognize the signs of a potentially bad renter. Still, investors need to be prepared to deal with difficult tenants and situations that can develop despite a careful selection process.  Difficult tenants cause problems with other residents or Palm Springs neighbors, don’t bother to pay the rent on time (or at all), and sometimes cause property damage. You might have a renter who calls with frequent complaints and never seems

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4 Questions to Ask About Hiring a Palm Springs Property Manager

Like other investments, a rental property needs to be managed effectively to maximize investor returns. If your goal is a “passive” way to invest and enjoy the income, have you considered a property manager?  Leaving property management to professionals is the best way to maximize returns and enjoy investment income without doing the work yourself! Is it time to hire a Palm Springs property management company? Ask yourself these four questions to make the best decision about professional management or handling rentals on your own! 1. How Available Are You? If you live close to your rentals or in the Palm Springs area, you may be able to manage it yourself. However, if you live nearby but are busy with work or other obligations, a property management company could be the best solution to free up some of your time. Long-distance investors who choose Palm Springs often find it difficult to manage their rentals effectively. Unless you have

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Coming Soon: Our New Palm Springs Property Management Blog!

Get ready for expert Palm Springs property management content with the launch of our new weekly blog! McLean Company is pleased to announce the upcoming premiere of these tips, guides, and insights to help real estate investors get more out of their annual rentals and vacation property investments in this area. What Will You Learn? Helping real estate investors is something we love to do. Since opening our Palm Spring office in 1984, McLean Company has helped revolutionize the way landlords manage their real estate properties to build more long-term wealth. Whether you own single-family, multi-family, vacation, or commercial properties, we provide solutions to delight renters and guests and maximize investor revenue.  Our new blog will deliver free weekly content with some of the best Palm Springs property management insights we’ve learned through our 40 years of experience in this industry. Whether you choose to partner with us for our property management services or not, we still

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Why McLean Company Property Management Makes a Difference

Since 1984, McLean Company has offered the highest level of service for annual rental properties and vacation rentals. As a Palm Springs property management company, our vision is always to set the standard for expert rental management services in Palm Springs, in Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, La Quinta, or our surrounding communities.  We understand that choosing a property manager to deliver exceptional returns on your real estate investments requires time and research, and we’re here to help! Here’s why our experienced team provides the value and insight needed for the best real estate investment experience in the area. What Sets Us Apart in Palm Springs? With our fully-staffed family office, we provide access to the most knowledgeable property managers, licensed mortgage brokers, marketers, legal advisors, and other experienced professionals to maximize your investments. We hope you’ll find it easy to choose our services when you learn more about how we serve annual and vacation rental property owners as a Palm Springs property management company. We’re Family-Owned

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NOW is the Time for Investors: Palm Springs Property Management

Ask any Palm Springs property management expert if this is true: One of the biggest mistakes an investment property owner can make is not knowing how to analyze risk and time the market accurately for new properties or selling investments.  Post-Covid, people anxiously want to get out, get active, and spend money after being cooped up for so long. It’s no different with real estate as renters vacate urban environments and move to the suburbs. Hours away from the buzz of Vegas sits tranquil Palm Springs, a hot spot for investors looking to cash in on a growing rental market. Here’s why McLean Company thinks it’s the right time to invest in this market. Record Demand for Residential Rentals Because more people want to move into bigger apartments and homes, there’s high demand for rentals. There has also been a mass exodus from high-density areas making it the right time for investors to tap into the rental housing

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How Palm Springs Property Management Delivers Key Marketing Benefits

Empty rentals mean lost rental income! However, finding quality tenants can be challenging without the right approach to marketing rental properties. Making your properties stand out requires an expert combination of compelling listings, highly-trafficked listing sites, and competitive pricing for your rentals. Engaging a leading Palm Springs property management company can make all the difference to find quality renters and minimize vacancy times. Here’s what investors need to know about how a property manager delivers key marketing benefits to maximize your income. Property Managers Do More Than Collect the Rent You probably know that a property manager handles a variety of rental property tasks, including collecting the rent and maintaining your rentals. However, if a property manager in Palm Springs can’t effectively market your properties to minimize days without rental income, they aren’t doing everything you need from a professional manager.  We Create Professional Listings, Photos, and Videos Putting up a quick listing with only a few photos

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